In my defense, I’ve only ever spelled kumquats with a “c” and I love alliterations.
I had no idea that was the “nasty, inappropriate spelling” until my boss asked me “Ashley, what have you done?!”


Burger with parmesan tuile, homemade spicy ketchup, home pickled jalapeños, roasted tomato, arugula on fresh made bun. Inspired by Umami Burger.

Spicy Ketchup – Sautéd onions, smashed garlic, puréed tomatoes, tomato paste, and jalapeños. Then added red wine vinegar gastrique, cayenne, chili powder, Worchester, dash of soy, fish sauce, some water and reduce to a simmer. Then added salt, sugar, vinegar to taste.
BurgerJust *heavily* coated in salt, pepper and white pepper and cooked in a hot cast iron pan. Then let rest.
Parm TuileJust dropped some grated parm on parchment on a baking sheet into a 400 degree oven for 3-4 minutes.
Plate – Put down bottom of the bun, add some ketchup, then the arugula, then the meat, then more ketchup, then the jalapeños, tomato and top with tuile. 

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Duck Breast with Blackberry Red Wine Gastrique, Turnip Pureé, Micro Arugula Salad

The Duck – Simply scored and seared in a cast iron pan, draining that precious fat every now and then.
The Gastrique – Sugar, red wine vinegar cooked until thickened, then added red wine and blackberries and reduced.
The Turnip Purée – Cooked turnips in milk until soft, then blended with a little butter and salt.
The Micro Arugula – Dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.
The Plating – Swiped on some purée, then some of the gastrique, some of the berries. Thickly sliced duck on top with the arugula on the sides.

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Restaurant Le Marché, Rue Caron 75003 Paris


Breakfast the @yolandaedwards way! What and where are you eating breakfast? #cntravelereats

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hanwoo beef <3


Aaron Franklin showing off his smoked prime rib at tonight’s @texasmonthly Behind the Pit Dinner.

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"Almost on a daily basis, I reflect on the motivation behind all this hard work, all of our hard work. The answer always comes easy - I believe in it, I believe in fighting for the outcome, in creating a different culinary playing field than exists today. In the beginning, it was motivated by art and passion, but now its more than that. I don’t ever want to look back and think ‘what if’…"


grilled octopus with cranberry beans, date-tomato ragu, preserved lemon, and kalamata olive tapenade 

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Lettuce & Beetroot Steamed Merluza. ✅ By - @uwespaetlich ✅

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leche flan, estilo filipino flan: Receta aquí


Roasted squash, avocado, harissa… Summertime soup. #soup #Summer #squash


can’t wait for paris